Court Ellyn“Found, and Unapologetic” is the faith-based blog of secular fiction writer Court Ellyn.

While writing fiction is my passion and my day job, I also happen to be in love with Jesus. For some time now, I’ve felt the need to jot down my thoughts and reactions to Biblical material I’m studying, as well as record personal growth that spring out of my explorations of God and this journey he and I are taking together. All I needed was the courage to take the step and a decent name for a blog. “Found, and Unapologetic” is, therefore, a brazen attempt to root this timid handmaiden of Almighty God in the hard truth that he expects his ambassadors to be fearless in their faith.

So, here goes nothin’ …

I welcome discussion on any of my posts. Indeed, I hope that those who stop by will take a moment to leave a comment. But I will not tolerate disrespectful remarks or rants. Please conduct disagreements civilly.







3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to come to my blog. I am honored.

    Bless you my sister

  2. Rey Lo says:

    Thanks for following my blog, my friend. Looking forward to the journey ahead.

  3. Rick Alvey says:

    Really like the name of your blog and have enjoyed checking out some of your posts. Looking forward to reading more. Blessings!

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