“God is Happy …”

One of my favorite lines comes from Out of Africa. One night, lions attack the Baroness Blixon’s cattle drive, and she and her drovers have to chase off the lions with whips while fighting their way through the fence of briars they had set up. Afterward, one of the cows is found dead, while thorns have to be plucked from the Baroness’s skin. It’s then that Farrah, her right-hand man, says, “God is happy, Msabu. He plays with us.”

This statement has been rolling around in my head the last couple of weeks, ever since I dived back into the opening chapters of Eldredge’s Beautiful Outlaw. It’s been revolutionary (and refreshing)  to read that God has a sense of humor. That he can be included in our laughter. That he gave us laughter in the first place, and that he created things so that we would laugh with him. Take a gander:


Platypus, photo by Healesville Sanctuary


Panda by Unknown Photographer

Fennec Fox by In Cherl Kim

Fennec Fox by In Cherl Kim, 2009

I mean, is any of this really necessary? How freeing to look at the world with a little less sobriety.


2 thoughts on ““God is Happy …”

  1. It is always refreshing to see how other cultures conduct their relationship with God. I once saw a documentary showing one isolated African tribe who spent a day or two stalking and then killing an animal to eat. When they finally killed the animal the first thing that they done was not to skin the animal or set up a fire to cook it. They spent the next hour praying to God and gave thanks for the animal’s life. They then prayed for the soul of the animal. I always think of this now when I give thanks before eating a meal. This is humility that we have lost in the so called civilised world.

  2. courtellyn says:

    Wow, that is a powerful observation, Harry, and very convicting. Thanks so much for sharing it here.

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