Introduction – Testimony, Part 1


What better way, what more transparent way, to begin a blog dedicated to my walk with Jesus than with my testimony?

Here’s another bit of transparency for you: I’m nervous. I’m not standing in front of a crowded church or on a street corner with hundreds of strangers passing by, ignoring the story I’m about to declare. I’m sitting in my cozy little house, at my familiar computer desk, with a cup of coffee at my fingertips. Pretty comfortable, eh? Well, yes, until I consider that I’m about to toss out my innermost self and experiences to the great wide world, to a globally connected world increasingly hostile to the Jesus whom I follow. Not the safest decision I’ve made lately. Then why,  under heaven, would I expose myself like this?

Because the Word of God does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). What does that mean? It means that it’s my dearest hope that chronicling my journey will encourage, will challenge, will edify the visitors who stop by, whatever their faith, whatever their past, whatever their walk in life.

Please God, may I never sound pretentious, self-righteous, or hypocritical from now until the internet implodes and I can no longer post. Amen.

So, without further ado …


a-childs-prayerI first confessed belief in Jesus when I was five. Or was I four? Anyway,  I was too young to have a clear memory of that moment. I remember my mother sitting in bed with me, ready to tuck me in, and we were talking about Jesus and the choice I would have to make one day. I recall saying, “I want to decide now.” Mother restrained her excitement, but I could tell she was happy. Together we prayed the classic prayer in which I asked Jesus to save me and come into my heart. Then I curled up in bed and went to sleep, sure I had done something good and important.

Simple, sweet story. Salvation without firecrackers or burning bushes, without sudden epiphanies or new attitudes or new outlooks on life. Nothing like those stories in which men and women are suddenly released from life-long addictions or abusive behavior. What five-year-old is burdened with such baggage yet?

But the story doesn’t end there. Sweet, innocent lambs grow up, develop opinions, foster false expectations, rebel, and soon decide the dark places are more attractive than the light.

 (to be continued)


4 thoughts on “Introduction – Testimony, Part 1

  1. Juda says:

    Do you have art from your books that you wouldn’t mind reproduced and sold as art prints or poster prints??. I’d love to list and sell these items on my art and poster website and provide a link for customers to purchase your books. I don’t have a very large catalog because I usually only sell what I like (very one sided), occasionally I also list items per request of customers. But I’d lo sell any art items you have related to your books or your “found” site or provide a link to your own online store/site.

  2. courtellyn says:

    Hi, Juda! Hey, I checked out your site, and that is quite an offer. Unfortunately, the only “art” I have for my novels is the cover art. Posters would be a great resource to carry around with me if I were doing signings and whatnot, but I’m not yet engaged in those promotions. Point is, I will remember this offer and make a note of it for future use. Thanks so much!

    • Juda says:

      Hi Courtellyn,
      Thanks for responding. Actually the cover art is the thing I’m looking for. I think as more and more people read your books and identify with your characters and you they will want to own a poster/print of the cover art if it’s available. And, nowadays it’s very easy to “posterize” any image with your artist’s approval, (rights, licensing, etc), of course. I guess this is a sort of “branding”.

      In the near future I hope to be able to have pages on the website featuring cover art from my favorite author’s books in either 16×16 quality autographed prints or just 22×34 & 11×17 posters. I would also link book reviews on Amazon to the cover art that I would also list in my Amazon store.

      Another option I think of is once you have this product you can submit the licensed work to poster & art publishing companies I have a relationship with who wholesale art, bookmarks, bookplates, calendars, etc. related to popular books to merchants much larger than my small company. (just a thought).

      So please as you said do remember this offer for the future. I’m currently waiting for responses from other author’s that I really like and who knows maybe in about a year, and as i like to say: “if the lord is willing and the creak don’t rise”.. I may have a wonderful book related category on the site with work from Peretti, Joseph, Wells a few others and yourself – maybe it’ll catch on.
      Thanks for your time.
      Best Regards,
      Juda/IGS Posters

  3. Domenic says:

    I too am a servant of God…his lowest one. My our God keep you in his light.

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